Conservation Tillage Systems and Management

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Crop Residue Management with No-till, Ridge-till, Mulch-till, and Strip-till

This resource book is filled with a wealth of information relating to conservation tillage systems and how to manage them. Helpful to producers who are investigating conservation tillage – contemplating its long-range issues – and looking for assistance for selecting equipment.

Topics include:

  • Tillage benefits & tillage system definitions
  • Wind & water erosion
  • Crop residue & irrigation water management
  • Residue management oat harvest
  • Estimating residue cover
  • Crop response to tillage systems
  • Costs and returns
  • Soil compaction
  • Controlled traffic
  • Water quality
  • Converting CRP to crop production
  • Integrated crop management
  • Cover crop management in cotton
  • Nutrient & weed management
  • Insect & disease management
  • Rodent damage control
  • Site-specific crop management
  • Tillage system selection & equipment descriptions
  • Fall strip-tillage systems
  • No-till & ridge-till planting equipment
  • No-till drills
  • Crop cultivators
  • Pesticide application equipment

270 pp, 8 1/2 x 11, color, illus., soft cover, 2000

ISBN 0-089373-088-2 
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