Cow-Calf Production in the U.S. Corn Belt-PDF

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Cow-Calf Production in the U.S. Corn Belt pulls all aspects of the beef cow-calf operation into a single resource. Valuable to both veteran cattle producers and those new to the industry.

Specific topics:
  • Farmstead planning
  • Lots, housing and utilities for the cow-calf operations
  • Water and watering systems
  • Fences and gates
  • Harsh environments
  • Handling facilities; including bud box for low-stress handling
  • Manure management, including manure runoff
  • Forage management, feeds and feed storage
  • Reproduction, breeding and calving
  • Heard health and nutrition
  • Euthanasia and proper disposal
  • Arthropod pests
  • Beef operation, safety and health
Special features
  • Case studies on various farm accidents with suggested solutions for prevention
  • Management calendar for each stage of production and season of the cow herd
  • Marketing tips and recommendations for the herd

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272 pp, illus, color, download, 2011
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