Raising Dairy Replacements-PDF

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Raising Dairy Replacements is a complete and valuable resource for the dairy field. This download version includes supplemental figures and tables that were available on the original CD. 

Raising Dairy Replacements was written by experts at four major agricultural universities, and edited by Patrick Hoffman and Rhonda Plourd, University of Wisconsin

  • Fetal calf development and birth, including delivery
  • Calf health, feeding, housing, and general management
  • Heifer development, health, nutrition, reproduction, environment, housing, and general management
  • Prevention and treatment of mastitis.

This colorful, educational resource contains lots of photos, drawings, and tables that help illustrate and clarify technical concepts. 

120 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, Download, 2003
ISBN 0-89373-097-1

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