Manure Storages

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Manure Storages is Section 2 of the Manure Management Systems Series.

Topics include
  • Selection of facility type
  • Site choice and preparation
  • Facility sizing and runoff control
  • Earthen impoundment construction
  • Facility monitoring and management
  • Proper procedures for abandoning and closing an earthen storage facility
  • Principles of good stewardship and good management
  • Plus sound design and construction practices are emphasized throughout.

Nine equations; 31 illustrations; 23 tables; 18 problem-solving examples; and four appendixes of maps, worksheets, forms, and fcility capacity data complete the thorough discussion.

    188 pp, 8 1/2 x 11, illus., paperback, 2001
    ISBN 0-89373-080-7
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