Installation of Wastewater Treatment Systems-PDF

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Installation of Wastewater Treatment Systems Manual is the definite source for information on installing decentralized systems. Used for the National Installer Training Program.

The materials produced include a manual with installation and startup checklists.


  • Dosing systems and controls
  • Media filters
  • Aerobic treatment units
  • Constructed wetlands
  • Lagoons
  • Chlorination units
  • Soil treatment areas
  • Evapotranspiration beds
  • Drip and spray fields
  • Outfalls. 

Other helpful items include learning objectives, data tables, a math overview, volume and slope intersection calculations, introduction to surveying, watertightness testing, and an installer glossary.

The Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment, often referred to as "The Onsite Consortium", is a group of Educational Institutions cooperating on decentralized wastewater training and research efforts. The Consortium also includes people from professional associations, citizens groups, regulatory agencies and private industry.

464 pp, 8 1/2 x 11, illus., download, 2009

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